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Superior life-saving technology has established InHealth Imaging as the regional leader in Diagnostic and Preventive Medical Imaging. Our Board Certified Radiologists and team of highly skilled Technologists serve the greater Kitsap Peninsula, West Puget Sound community and beyond by providing the most advanced medical imaging technology and information to help you stay InHealth.


Examination results are communicated to the patient directly by the radiologist after the procedure. At InHealth Imaging, we believe that all of our patients should be presented their results without delay. Shortly after the results have been explained to the patient, the images and results are shared with the ordering physician through our secure PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) portal.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with individualized service and offer a full spectrum of imaging including:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) High Field 1.5T, Multidetector Computer Tomography (CT), Low Radiation 3D Digital Mammography, Seated, Upright Stereotactic 3D Breast Biopsy, Digital Ultrasound, Afirma™ Thyroid Analysis, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry (DXA), Digital X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Pain Injections, and Preventive and Wellness Screenings.

Our main facility is conveniently located in Kitsap County just east of Route 3 at the intersection of Route 305 and Bond Road in the North Kitsap Medical Center. Our facilities are easily accessible to Bremerton, Kingston, Port Orchard, Silverdale and a short drive from the Olympic Peninsula.

InHealth Imaging encourages all women to have their annual Low Radiation 3D Mammogram. Call InHealth Imaging at (360) 598-3141 and schedule a mammogram and give yourself the gift of health. Also, please watch our Informational Segment on breast cancer which is currently airing on Comcast Cable:

Now more than ever it is important to understand and compare costs before receiving medical services. InHealth Imaging offers affordable rates and exceptional quality for medical imaging services. Call InHealth Imaging at (360) 598-3141 to find out your cost for medical imaging services. Also, please watch our Informational Segment on being your own healthcare advocate which is currently airing on Comcast Cable:




Open to New Experiences?  Experience InHealth Imaging's New 3T MRI and Low Radiation 64-Slice CT

Patients coming to InHealth Imaging for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT) scans have a new reason to be excited. InHealth Imaging installed, in its Poulsbo office, the only 3T MRI on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas and a low radiation 64-slice CT.  These two new pieces of equipment mean that the radiologists and staff at InHealth Imaging are now offering the most advanced MRI and CT imaging services available.

What this means for patients is profound.  The 3T MRI offers maximum comfort, optimized exam time, and the confidence that the images generated will be of the highest resolution, additionally there is no concern about radiation with MRI.  The 3T MRI has a more open design which accommodates patients up to 550 pounds and helps reduce anxiety and claustrophobia.   And, the 3T MRI’s powerful magnet, the strongest magnet field strength used clinically today, provides extraordinary images to help physicians make a more confident diagnosis.                                 

  Additionally, the primary benefits of the new 64-slice CT at InHealth Imaging is that it provides patients lower radiation, advanced imaging capabilities, and more comfort with a much larger opening. 


 InHealth Imaging’s main office is located at 20700 Bond Road NE in Poulsbo.  Satellite X-ray facilities are located at 10513 Silverdale Way, Silverdale (next door to Red Robin) and on Bainbridge Island at 123 Bjune Drive SE. 



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